Detailed Services

147504186  A more detailed description of the services we offer:

  • Bathing  may include:  Filling tub, sink, laying out supplies, assisting in/out tub or shower; sponge bathing and drying, bed bathing and drying; stand-by assistance for safety
  • Toileting may include:  changing diapers changing colostomy bag, assisting on/off bedpan assisting with clothing during toileting, assisting with toilet hygiene, toilet paper, washing hands and stand-by assistance.
  • Grooming may include:  Shaving, brushing teeth, applying make-up, shaving under arms, legs, caring for nails.
  • Dressing may include:  Dressing or undressing client, laying out clothes, assisting with buttons, zippers, putting on shoes
  • Medication Reminders:  Reminding, bring glass of water, bringing medication container to client, opening medication container
  • Meal Preparation:  Cooking full meal, warming up prepared food, planning meals, serving food
  • Feeding may include:  Spoon feeding, cut and pour, and stand-by assistance
  • Light Housekeeping:  Cleaning up after personal care tasks, cleaning bathroom, changing bed linens, making up bed, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, carrying out trash, washing dishes, cleaning stove top counters
  • Laundry:  Doing hand wash, gathering and sorting, going to laundry mat, using washer/dryer in home, folding and putting away clothes
  • Errand Services:  Going to store and purchasing items, picking up medication, putting food away
  • Escort may include:  Arranging for transportation, going with client to doctor’s office, waiting with client at doctor’s office.
  • Transferring may include:  Assisting client in rising from sitting position, positioning cane or walker, assist client in changing position in bed, and stand-by assistance with ambulation.

For additional information on the services we offer, please contact the office and someone will be happy to assist you.

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